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Allen Wagner

Hello, I'm Allen Wagner, all around Internet technology guy. Smartphone apps, SEO (search engine optimization), multimedia's all good.

It's me, your tech buddy, Allen Wagner! :)

I especially love smartphone apps, technology in music and the recording studio (both performing and recording), video production and all things multimedia.

Allen Wagner's Background

Allen Wagner's Experience

Proprietor at Big Toe Studio

May 2013 - Present | Vancouver, WA

Audio recording engineer, electronic keyboardist and video post-production engineer.

Chief Operations Officer (COO) at BigAppz

January 2012 - Present | Vancouver, WA

Oversee technological research and development in the smartphone app industry. Implement development into the B2B market.

Chief Executive Officer at Lifetime Customer

May 2005 - March 2008 | Vancouver, WA

Oversee company operations, public relations and marketing.

Technology Consultant at BizzBlizz

June 2009 - Present | Vancouver, WA

Technological research and development, multimedia marketing and communications, copywriting, and project management.

Chief Technology Officer at Prospect Planet

January 2000 - June 2003 | Vancouver, WA

Oversee research and development and all information technology implemeted throughout the company. Managed public relations and maintained brand consistency in all company media.

Allen Wagner's Education

American School of Chicago

1980 – 1984

High School

Concentration: English, Music and Public Speaking

Activities: Jazz Ensemble, Dixieland Band

Berklee School of Jazz

1982 – 1983

One Completion Credit

Concentration: Jazz Studies and Music Theory

Activities: Various Musical Ensembles

Allen Wagner's Interests & Activities

Music, recording, technology, smartphone apps, and Biblical events. I also love video games and making memories with my friends and family.

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